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Portable Ice Pod


Freeze-O, the portable ice pod, comes with everything you need to get started:

Thermal lid to maintain optimal temperature.

Tap Outlet for easy drainage

Cover for added insulation.

Two repair kits in case of any mishaps.

Blow-up pump for easy setup.

Practical bag for storage and transport.


Product Features:

1. Environment-friendly and Food-grade Safety Material: Non-Phthalate PVC materials meet with EN71-3, SGS,6P Standards.

2.Easy to assemble: Free standing and only take 3-5 minutes to assemble or disassemble.

3.Easy to store: can be folded into small size, light and portable and easy to store.

4.Saving Room: Taking little space even in your shower stall, small bathroom or courtyard/garden.

5.Comfortable: Comfortable with your knees bent or sitting with legs crossed.

6. Capacity: Freeze-O can hold 300L of water when full, with a user height maximum of 200cm (6ft 6inch).

7. Durable and Easy to Clean: The material allows for an easy rinse and clean.

Simply fill Freeze-O with water and ice, leave it to sit for 5 minutes and take a plunge! The high quality, durable materials help keep the water cold for longer and prevent any sharp objects from puncturing the material. The sturdy structure ensures stability under heavy loads whilst keeping it light and portable for you to take it wherever you desire.


Freeze-O is equipped with high quality 3 layer, Nylon PVC(0.35mm)+ EPE(4mm) + PVC(0.25mm), to ensure your water stays cold for longer


75cm*75cm fully standing suitable for persons up to the weight of 135kg and 6'5" will fit.

2.7kg assembled (without water).